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The television reports said the buildings that collapsed

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Hero shopworker saved life of baby choking on blueberry with this quick thinking actionThe Brigade’s Twitter account described the rescue in the town of Casamicciola as a ‘miracle’.Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology (INGV) put the magnitude at 4.0 but both the US Geological Survey (USGS) and the European quake agency, EMSC, estimated the magnitude at 4.3.Local Civil Protection Department official Giovanni Vittozzi said one woman was killed when she was hit by falling masonry from a church and that officials were checking reports of another victim. Most of the hospital had been evacuated and the injured were treated outside.Some civil protection squads were already on the island because of brushfires.The television reports said the buildings that collapsed appeared to have been inhabited and about 10 people were still unaccounted for.The quake hit a few days before the first anniversary of a major quake that killed nearly 300 people in central Italy, most of them in the town of Amatrice.Princess DianaLawyer who saw Diana’s death crash breaks 20 year silence to claim “other forces” were behind accidentStanlee Culbreath is speaking out for the first time in two decades to question whether the Princess of Wales could have lived if French emergency services had acted fasterHospitalsHorrified new dad heard “loud blow” as wife’s body was cut in half by hospital lift moments cheap canada goose after giving birthRocio Cortes Nunez was being taken to a maternity unit via stretcher her legs were reportedly left dangling in the lift shaft after the tragedyGCSEsWhen do GCSE 2017 results come out? Everything you need to know if you pass or fail your GCSEsIt’s a huge day in August for the lives of young people, but what happens if you don’t get the results you were hoping for?NeymarAs Philippe Coutinho gets ready to canada goose outlet Cheap Canada Goose admit defeat, here are 10 other stars who tried and failed to force movesThe Brazilian was determined to make the switch to Catalonia, but Liverpool’s refusal to do a deal means that he can now join Canada Goose Outlet this list of frustrated starsHospitalsHorrified new dad heard “loud blow” as wife’s body was cut in half by hospital lift moments after giving birthRocio Cortes Nunez was being taken to a maternity unit via stretcher her legs were reportedly left dangling in the lift shaft after the tragedySyria conflictFaces of Mosul: Harrowing insight into the innocent lives left shattered by Iraq’s bloody fight to destroy ISISFour time Pulitzer prize winning photographer Carol Guzy, has shared heartbreaking pictures of those left wounded and weak after escaping from the rubble of collapsed homes and the evil of ISIS doctrineSaira KhanSaira Khan defies haters with a bikini clad snap after receiving death threat for mocking Muslim preacher’s ‘backwards’ viewsThe Loose Women star was targeted by trolls on Tuesday after she posted a social media snap of herself in response to comments made by a Muslim preacherCelebrity MasterchefWho does the voice over on Celebrity MasterChef 2017? India Fisher makes viewers hungry with her husky tones as narratorThe famous Cheap Canada Goose voice can make any dinner sound deliciousSummer transfer windowTransfer news LIVE: Manchester United, City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea latest Canada Goose Sale plus every done dealPhilippe Coutinho is staying, but the mega deals remain out there with Kylian Mbappe and Fabinho linked to PSGHollyoaksJennifer Metcalfe responds to being nominated for Sexiest Soap Actress in the BEST wayThe Hollyoaks actress gave birth to son Daye Colmic back in JuneCrimeThug throws hand grenade into luxury Brit hot spot hotel made famous by TOWIE starsThe Sisu Boutique Hotel in Costa is popular with Brits, celebs and sports stars and was targeted it in the gangland style attackAppleiPhone 8 leak suggests new gadget will drop ANOTHER key feature and force you to buy a costly accessoryOnly just gotten over the loss of the headphone jack? Apple may have another surprise in store for youHospitalsSurgeons save worker’s hand crushed in industrial mangle by sewing it INSIDE his stomach for three weeksWARNING, GRAPHIC IMAGES. Anthony Seward, 21, suffered horrific injuries to his hand after getting it caught in a machine at Heathcoat Fabrics in DevonRelationshipsMan breaks up with long term girlfriend by ghosting her and moving country now she’s his new boss.

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I have sold rigs, tackle and other fishing gear, but never

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Here’s an example of how smart this dog is

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The coherent harmonization of various culture and lifestyles

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